Application Fee

$125 per family

Administrator Fee

$125 per family

 Building Fee

 $100 maximum per family

*1st child


*2nd & 3rd child

$20 each

Background Checks*

 $10 per person, as needed

*Each adult who will remain at Anchor for more than one hour per month, will be required to submit to a background check. An online form will be emailed from Secure Search Faith, the background check company used by Anchor, after the Family Application is received. Background checks will be repeated every five years. 



The Application Fee and background check fee (if applicable) should be submitted with the Family Application packet.  All other payments will be invoiced. 

To print this payment information, click here.  This information sheet also prints with the Family Application packet. 



Anchor Payments—This is any monies paid to Anchor, including the application fee, building fee, Elementary Core, Math Games, Elementary Mini Courses, Nursery thru K payments,

materials fees, and background check fees.  All Anchor fees, except the application & background check fees, may be submitted as a single payment or combined into one total and then split in half and submitted as 1st semester and 2nd semester payments. The application fee and background check payments should be included with the Family Application packet at the time of registration and not combined with other Anchor payments.  Anchor payments will be invoiced from, separate from the tutor invoice. 


Tutor Payments—Tutor payments are the course fees made payable to the tutors as their payment for teaching. Our tutors are not paid by Anchor; they are paid directly by the parents. If using PayPal, the course fees should be paid through the individual tutors’ PayPal accounts, which are listed on the invoice. Please do not make tutor payments through the Anchor PayPal account.  Tutor invoices will be sent from

Administrative Payments—Administrative payments include the Application Fee and the Administrator Fee.  The Application Fee is made payable to Anchor and must be received with the Family Application packet before the registration process can begin. The Administrator Fee is made payable to our Lead Coordinator and will be included on the tutor invoice, after the Family Application has been processed.

All tutor payments and other fees for the academic year must be submitted in full by July 31st.  (See below for a further explanation.)  Payments may be split in half and submitted as 1st semester payments and 2nd semester payments. One-semester classes and the Administrator Fee may not be split.  Payments for Fall Semester classes should be post-dated August 15, 2019, and Spring Semester checks should be post-dated January 15, 2020.  Payments not received by July 31st will result in your registration being temporarily cancelled. In order to continue registering, a $50 re-application fee will need to be submitted, and all payments will need to be received by Anchor within one week (by August 7th).  If the re-application fee and all other payments are not received within this one-week period, your registration will be permanently cancelled, and no refunds of any payments already received by Anchor will be given.  

No refunds will be given after August 1st of any payments submitted, except in extreme situations, per our policies, and decided by Leadership.



If paying by checks, both 1st and 2nd semester checks should be submitted to Anchor by July 31st.  Course payment checks should be made payable to the individual tutors. All other fees due to Anchor may be combined into one full payment or a combined split payment, made payable to "Anchor Christian Collaborative".  First semester checks should be post-dated August 15, 2019. Second semester checks should be post-dated January 15, 2020.  All checks will be released for deposit on or shortly after their post-date.  An email reminder will be sent at least one week before the release date informing families of the upcoming payment release.  Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your account at this time.  Any bounced checks will incur a minimum $30 charge made payable to the party receiving the bounced check.  Anchor and our tutors will deposit checks within approximately one week of distribution. 


Cashier’s Checks & Money Orders

If paying by cashier’s checks or money orders, payments must be made in full by the July 31st deadline.  Payments may not be split and submitted at a later date. Each course fee check should be made payable to the individual tutor but mailed to the address noted on the Family Application's Registration Checklist. All Anchor fees may be combined into one check made payable to “Anchor Christian Collaborative” and mailed to the same address. 


Anchor and our tutors accept PayPal payments.  (PayPal links will be included in your invoices.)  A 3% charge has been calculated into all PayPal totals reflected on the tutor invoice.  There are 2 options for making payments this way:

  • Make all tutor payments and all Anchor payments in-full by the July 31st deadline to each tutors’ PayPal account and the Anchor PayPal account.  Please forward all PayPal receipts to Anchor for our records.

  • Or, split each tutor payment and the combined Anchor payments into 1st semester and 2nd semester payments. Pay the 1st semester payments to Anchor and to each tutor through the appropriate PayPal accounts by July 31st.  Then, submit all 2nd semester payments (Anchor & Tutor payments) to Anchor, by July 31st, in the form of checks post-dated January 15, 2020, or in the form of cashier’s checks made payable to Anchor and the tutors, or in the form of cash (following the Cash Payment instructions below).  All 2nd semester checks will be held until the release date of January 15, 2020. This is to ensure that our tutors receive the payments to which they are entitled, even if a student drops a class.



Cash payments will only be accepted if payments are made in full by July 31st.  This includes all fees payable to Anchor and all tutor payments for the entire year. There will be no exceptions to the paid-in-full requirement for cash payments.  Payments must be submitted in the following way:

  • Cash payments must be given in exact amounts.  No change will be given, and payments will not be accepted if not properly dispersed. 

  • Each course fee should be placed in an unsealed envelope clearly marked with the tutor's name, the student's name, the course name, and the amount of payment.

  • All Anchor fees should be combined into a single total and placed in an unsealed envelope marked "Anchor Payments".  Your family's name and the total amount enclosed should also be written on the front of the envelope. A copy of the invoice you receive via email should be placed in the envelope with the payment.

  • Please contact Anchor via email to arrange delivery of payments with one of our Coordinators.  Please do not mail your cash payments.  The Coordinator will count your payments in your presence and issue a receipt.

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