Mrs. Kayla Handly To All Instructors

Kayla Handly graduated in 2004 with a degree in nursing. She is the mother of five children and has lived in North Dakota, Colorado, Hawaii, and now Maryland. She became a personal trainer in 2014 and has worked with all ages--young children up through the elderly population. She has a passion for teaching young people the importance of exercise and giving them tools to have fun with physical fitness, so the desire to be fit sticks with them for life.

Current Classes
MS/HS Fitness – Instructor (cancelled)
MS/HS Fitness – Instructor (open)
BOOT CAMP- COED FALL – Instructor (open)
BOOT CAMP- Girls only! FALL – Instructor (open)
MS/HS Fitness FALL – Instructor (open)
MS/HS Fitness FALL 2:30 – Instructor (open)
1st-2nd Grade Fitness – Instructor (closed)
3rd-4th Grade Fitness – Instructor (closed)
5th-6th Grade Fitness – Instructor (closed)
Kindergarten Fitness – Instructor (cancelled)
BOOT CAMP Coed- SPRING – Instructor (open)
BOOT CAMP- Guys only! SPRING – Instructor (open)
MS/HS Fitness SPRING – Instructor (open)
MS/HS Fitness SPRING 2:30 – Instructor (open)