Elementary Program

1st-6th Grades 

          Our Elementary department is a combined effort of parents to instruct our 1st - 6th graders in a collaborative setting. At least one parent of each elementary-aged student must participate in classes. Lead positions earn compensation. Parents are required to assist with set-up, clean-up, and other behind-the-scenes activities. We believe that the Lord has given each person unique gifts and talents and that by contributing these, our collaborative is strengthened, and our children are greatly benefitted



Coming Soon - Registration Information for the 2024-2025 school 

A  breakdown of 2024-25 Elementary tuition and fees can be found here: Elementary Course and Material Fees

TUESDAY CORE Program- Click on the course names below to go directly to a course description.

            Core: History                    Core: Science.         Core: Memory Work.  
Additional Tuesday Courses

  Foundations of Math

Tuesday Triannual ProgramAnchor

TAP 1 (2024-2025)


TAP 2 (2025-2026)

TAP 3 (2023-2024)


Ancient History to Age of Exploration

Age of Exploration to Age of Imperialism

Age of Imperialism to Sept. 11, 2001


Earth Science - Biology - Botany

Physical Science - Astronomy

Anatomy - Health


African and Asian Countries

 Major Land Features

European and South American Countries

Major Land Features

U.S. States and Capital

Major U.S. land features

The Tuesday Morning Core Program is designed to introduce students to the Classical Model of Learning. In this model, elementary school children are expected to become familiar with a specific body of knowledge but are not yet asked to analyze it. On Tuesdays, we dedicate time to learning new memory work and studying science, new grammar terms, and history. The chart shows the content that rotates each of the three years; however, math, Latin, English, and Timeline are repeated yearly. 

 Due to the program's structure, we require students and families to sign up for all of the components on Tuesday mornings.

Core Program- 1st thru 6th Grades:  Memory Work, Science, History 

Memory Work (1st-6th graders) 

Class Length:  55 mins/24 weeks

Required Texts: Yearly memory guide books, music, and maps

Materials Fee: $30

Homework Level: Moderate, about 1-2 hours of memorization each week.

Course Description: The Elementary Core program is set up to introduce new memory material each week to our 1st thru 6th graders. This process is based on the idea that children easily soak in new material. Anchor's Science and History class teaches the same topics that are covered in each week's memory work class.  New memory work will be given each week in the following areas: Timeline, History, Geography, Latin, English/Grammar, and Science. Students should memorize the memory workpieces each week. See Tuesday Triannual Program chart above to review topics covered each year. Latin, Math, Timeline, and English repeat each year. More information about the Classical Model can be found here: Classical Model at Anchor.


Class Length:  55 mins/24 weeks

Required Texts:  Leads will Specify

Required Materials:  1" D-ring binder with numbered dividers 1-24. 

Course Fee: $80  Materials Fee: $50 

Homework Level: Light-Moderate, 1-2 hours of homework each week.

Course Description: All Science classes reinforce each week's memory work. Lead will introduce that week's Science topic to the class and dive into an interactive lesson teaching students about that week's topic. Students will receive weekly homework on Google Classroom. Lead may assign worksheets, reading selections from a Science book selected by the lead tutor for each grade, videos, and other supplemental activities to be done at home. 


Class Length: 55 mins/24 weeks

Required Text: The Story of the World Student Textbook and audio. TAP 1 will need Vol 1+2, TAP 2 will need Vol 2+3, and TAP 3 will need Vol 4. Teachers will also provide materials and homework focusing on that week's History sentence. 

Required Materials:  1" D-ring binder with numbered dividers 1-24, school box, pencils, pen, markers, glue sticks, scissors.

Course Fee: $80  Materials Fee: $50

Homework Level: Moderate, 1-2 hours of homework each week.

Course Description: Students will learn history with The Story of the World Curriculum. Class time will be spent completing various corresponding hands-on activities, map work, and reviewing the historical significance of the event. Reading and homework must be done at home before class and are assigned on Google Classroom each week. Google Classroom is utilized for this class and is required for students to complete weekly homework. 

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Thursday Enrichment Program


The Thursday Enrichment Program is designed to offer various enrichment courses. Students participate in Art, a rotation of mini-courses, and fitness. This program consists of rotating classes. Due to the program's structure, we require students and families to sign up for all of the components on Thursdays. This keeps the groups cohesive, allows friendships to form, and streamlines Thursday mornings for the cooperative.  

    Art.   Fitness
6-week Mini-Courses

Health, Music, ASL and STEM

Our Enrichment Program offers these mini-courses to help students become more well-rounded through various activities such as ASL, music, STEM, and Health. These courses are offered in blocks of six weeks, allowing students to explore different areas of interest throughout the year. This program is an excellent opportunity for our children to grow, both academically and creatively, while also building strong relationships with their peers. 

Class Length: 50 mins/6, weeks each

Course Fee: $100 ($25 for each course paid directly to each lead tutor)  Materials Fee: $50

Students registering for the Thursday program will participate in all four courses throughout the year, rotating every 6 six weeks in a pre-set rotation.

Health: Health class will cover a wide range of topics related to health and nutrition through various lessons and activities.

Music: Students will explore the structure and genres of music, growing in their appreciation of the Art. 

ASL: The course's primary focus is to introduce students to ASL. Students should develop a basic understanding of ASL vocabulary and the alphabet. In addition, students should be able to greet each other and share about themselves using the learned language. 

STEM: Students will explore many aspects of science, technology, and math using hands-on activities and challenges! 

Class Length: 50 minutes/24 weeks

Required Materials: none 

Course Fee: $80/year  Materials Fee: $50

Course Description: Children will explore art media and artistic creation elements as they learn to express themselves through original creative projects. 

Class Length: 50 mins/24 weeks

Required Materials: Comfortable clothing and sneakers

Course Fee: $80/year  

Course Description:  This class will be 50 minutes of high-energy and fun-filled activity, starting with a dynamic warmup, a series of exercises, and ending with games. By making exercise fun, children get excited to move around. Moving around results in becoming physicIt's more robust and more energetic. It's a significant first step to cultivating a lifetime of health and fitness!

Memory Games (1st-6th grade) 

Class Length: 30 mins/24 weeks

Required Materials:  none 

Course Fee: included in Tuesday's Core material fee 

Course Description:  On Thursday morning, this time will be allotted to play games to help students review weekly memory work topics. There will also be time devoted to reciting any memorized work. 

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