Renata Janes To All Instructors

Renata was born in Brazil, speaking both Portuguese and English, but has lived in Maryland most of her life. Renata married her high school sweetheart, Tom, and together they have 4 kids, Hayden, Jack, Ellie, and Cameron. She has enjoyed homeschooling her children since 2011 and has been deeply involved in several home school communities.  She is a wedding photographer and captured her first wedding in 2008.  With two of her closest friends, she has captured over 120 weddings and counting. Before entering into the world of homeschooling, Renata managed and opened several Starbucks locations in Annapolis. Renata is extremely passionate about the gospel and is heavily involved in her church's youth program, teaching there since high school. 

Current Classes
1st-2nd Grade History – Instructor (open)
3rd-4th Grade History – Instructor (open)