Liesl Schiavone To All Instructors

Liesl Schiavone is an active music educator and guest musician in Southern Maryland. She earned her Bachelor of Music Education from Grove City College in 2010 and promptly began her teaching career at Patuxent High School as Director of Choral Activities. In 2013, when her oldest daughter was born, she left public education and opened her home Music Studio, where she has continued to teach voice, piano, and guitar. In addition, she is the Director of Music Ministry at St. Anthony's Catholic Church in North Beach. She remained active in the community as a featured vocalist, guest adjudicator, and guest teacher for small groups. She served as Calvert Music Director for the Southern Maryland Youth Choir from 2013-2021. She has been active in Music and Theater performance since she was a kid and believes that Performing Arts education should be accessible and enjoyable for students of all ages to experience self-confidence, teamwork and cultural literacy while seeking all that is good, true, and beautiful in God's creation. Liesl resides in Chesapeake Beach, MD, with her husband, Matt, and their five children; Cecilia, Oliver, Penelope, Theodore, and Zelie.

Current Classes
1st-2nd Grade MUSIC Minicourse – (open)
3rd-4th Grade Music Minicourse – (open)
5th-6th Grade Music Minicourse – (open)
MS/HS Drama (SPRING) – Instructor (open)